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Anesthesia plays a key role in maximizing every hospital's operating room effectiveness. The anesthesia team contributes to efficiency, clinical outcomes and stakeholder experience (patient, surgeon, OR staff). Ironically, hospital anesthesia department can sometimes feel and act like outsiders, despite their deep integration with the OR team. Premier has conducted over 200 evaluations of hospital anesthesia departments and have found that there are five areas that consistently need improvement.

Cost Issues

We have found that most hospitals are over-paying for anesthesia services. Anesthesia cost can be remediated and managed only when the hospital and its anesthesia provider are economically aligned with each other and are mutually working together to manage cost, while ensuring good patient outcomes. We've discovered the typical medium to large hospital can reduce its subsidy cost by 10 to 25% without negatively impacting patient care outcomes, while still providing availability to meet their surgical case volume on a timely and efficient basis.  Premier has the reporting tools, processes and proven staffing strategies to reduce and manage your anesthesia cost.  

Leadership Issues

Lack of effective anesthesia leadership can cause a ripple effect throughout the OR. Premier believes that an effective Anesthesia Medical Director (AMD) is critical to any hospital-based anesthesia group's long-term success. In addition to running the day-to-day operations of their practices, our AMDs are responsible for the clinical, operational and financial success of their teams. They also represent anesthesia on key hospital and surgery committees, as appropriate. We take extra measures to find providers who possess the maturity, leadership skills and business acumen needed to be effective AMDs. Each of our AMD candidates complete a full battery of personality, intelligence and behavioral tests.  We want to know each one of our AMD's psychological make-up and profile.  We have been profiling our AMDs for over ten years.  Premier's AMD Profile helps us to select the right AMD for you and your hospital.  

Service Issues

Premier believes that in order to create an excellent anesthesia experience, you have to create an excellent experience for all of the key stakeholders: patients, surgeons, OR staff and hospital administration. Many time anesthesia groups are not focused on a culture of service. At Premier, we create a culture of "Yes" for all of the key stakeholders. It is our privilege to work alongside our colleagues and to partner with them to create the highest level of care for the patients and their families. Further, Premier typically partners with our hospitals to measure patient satisfaction, with a specific focus on anesthesia.  Premier is commited to providing the highest level of service to you and your hospital.

Quality Issues

Quality care is only a fact when you measure it against preestablished care outcomes, otherwise, it is just an opinion. Many organizations feel that they are providing quality, but have no consistent way to measure it. Premier has demonstrated its commitment to quality through its investment in technology. Premier Pathways is Premier's proprietary anesthesia information management solution designed to capture critical care and performance metrics to help hospitals measure important success indicators like quality, safety and throughput. This cloud-based application allows providers to easily capture data through the perioperative continuum using a smartphone or tablet. Premier Pathways then provides real-time visibility via drill-down analytics so that any key stakeholder can have access to the performance metrics that are most important to them. Retrospective analytics are useful, but real-time analytics drive organizations to their targeted outcomes more quickly and efficiently. Premier Pathways gives your hospital the ability to move its anesthesia service to the highest level of quality.

Alignment Issues

Premier understands how critical teamwork and alignment with each hospital discipline are in the development of a successful service line and perioperative patient experience. In order to build teams who are focused on creating a culture of service, the teams must meet frequently, communicate clearly and share a common vision. Team building is a specific operational strategy for Premier Anesthesia. Premier's Customer Experience Mapping process, combined with the strength of our clinical and operational leaders, can facilitate the creation of an effective team serving your hospital.

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