Premier Anesthesia embraces the 212º philosophy

innovative anesthesia solutions

One extra degree makes the difference between hot water and the ability to power a machine. One extra degree makes the difference between operating an anesthesia department and operating as an anesthesia services partner. One extra degree unlocks your OR potential, and optimizes your anesthesia department's productivity, profitability and leadership capabilities on a month-by-month basis.

Premier Anesthesia's associates are committed to expending nothing less than a 212 degree effort on every project, for every partner and for each other.

So, what is a 212 degree effort?

One of our Regional Directors was attending a monthly status meeting at one of our newly contracted facilities. She was reviewing the monthly dashboards. One of the hospital's attendees stopped her to ask if Premier did this for every client. She replied that Premier performs the review for every client, every month. The hospital administrator was astounded, noting that they had never seen such a thorough review on a regular basis. They had been promised, but no vendor had ever delivered.

That's 212.

When one of our contracted facilities was experiencing a significant budgetary crisis, our Vice President of Operations stepped up to the plate and volunteered a reduction in our fees until the crisis had been averted.

That's 212.

Premier provides each of its facilities' Medical Directors with graduate-level training and education on healthcare trends, emerging clinical best practices, team building, contracting, and hospital finances in conjunction with a nationally ranked hospital and health administration program at the University of Alabama.

That's 212.

That's Premier Anesthesia.