The Premier Anesthesia Difference

Our approach is unique to the industry and our operating philosophy is based on the following core principles.

  • We have a hospital-centric service mentality. All management and provider decisions for our anesthesia practices are based upon what is best for the hospital.  
  • We act as a strategic partner. The Premier practice will become aligned with the mission, goals and objectives of the hospital. We achieve this goal through active collaboration with hospital leadership to establish formal business planning and management processes necessary to achieve institutional alignment.  
  • We create the RIGHT customer experience. All hospital stakeholders - administration, surgeons, perioperative staff members, patients, etc. - have unique service needs and expectations. Premier identifies and exceeds those expectations through our Customer Experience Mapping process.  
  • We provide clinical, operational and financial transparency. Premier is totally transparent when it comes to all clinical, operational and financial aspects of the practice.  The Premier Team conducts structured, monthly meetings with hospital leadership teams to review quality dashboards, staffing charts and financial reports.   
  • We utilize evidence-based management tools. Premier employs the use of quantitative and analytical management tools, processes, procedures and reporting dashboards to enhance the quality of care, improve provider productivity and reduce cost.  

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