The Premier Anesthesia Difference

Premier Anesthesia's approach to anesthesia management and consulting is based on the following core principles.

  • We have a hospital-centric service mentality. Our company president is a former hospital CEO, which has shaped how we do business. Through his experience and vision, we have developed a deep appreciation for the operational issues and challenges facing hospitals today. 
  • We are a strategic partner. Each Premier team is aligned with the mission, goals and objectives of their hospital. We achieve this through active collaboration with hospital leadership to establish the management processes necessary to achieve institutional alignment. 
  • We focus on delivering the right customer experience. All hospital stakeholders - administration, surgeons, perioperative staff members and patients - have unique service needs and expectations. Premier works to listen, understand and exceed those expectations. 
  • We provide clinical, operational and financial transparency. We believe in building true partnerships based upon trust. To accomplish this, we are totally transparent when it comes to the reporting of all clinical, operational and financial aspects of our practice. 
  • We are a catalyst for change. Each Premier Team works to drive positive, transformational change to their anesthesia service. We ensure that our teams possess the processes, systems, tools, technology and best practices to make their team successful. 
  • We understand the importance of evidence-based management. Premier employs the use of quantitative and analytical management tools, processes, procedures and reporting dashboards to enhance the quality of care, improve provider productivity and reduce cost.  

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