Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Your subsidies are increasing.
  • You are having compliance / regulatory issues.
  • There is potential for a crisis to occur.
  • You are having surgeon satisfaction issues.
  • You are having issues with Anesthesia Leadership.
  • There is a misalignment of strategic goals between the hospital and your anesthesia service provider.

If so, we can help.

Ken Montano, Director, Business Development





The Premier Guarantee

As a Premier Anesthesia Partner:

  • Your subsidy and surgery-related costs will decrease
  • Your anesthesia leadership will improve
  • Your service, regulatory compliance and quality reporting will improve
  • You will achieve survey-readiness

Our Transformational Process

Below is a Premier's Anesthesia's framework for transformation and management of each client's anesthesia service. These are the phases of transformation, showing the specific planning, management and reporting tools utilized to communicate objectives and progress among your hospital leadership and stakeholders.

We Guarantee A Smooth Transition.

We know that change is difficult. And there is no such thing as a "perfect" transition." That is why we have developed a detailed methodology to ensure the easiest transition possible and to be prepared for any unforeseen issues that may pop up. We understand the critical importance that the ORs have the appropriate anesthesia coverage and uninterrupted surgeon access.

Our step-by-step process consists of:

Our Client Start-Up Plan  is a multi-step, detailed roadmap that creates a structure to ensure all details for a smooth transition are accounted for.

Customized Business Plan is designed to fit your facility's specific needs and goals in collaboration with your stakeholders.

An EBS©/Recruitment Staffing Plan is created to provide for the appropriate levels of staffing with built-in elasticity.

Premier Anesthesia is Always Available to You

You and your Leadership Teams will have constant access to the Premier Anesthesia Team through regularly scheduled meetings to discuss the transition process, as well as direct access to Premier's President, Kerry Teel, to address any anesthesia-related needs.

Premier is dedicated to implementing a transition strategy which does not interrupt the continuity of surgical services.