Practice Challenges


Client Testimonial of Dr. William Goldstein, Chief Anesthesiologist and Dr. Bill Isaacson, Medical Director, Surgery Center of Pennsylvania

Ambulatory surgery centers perform surgeries which are elective therefore the Center must deliver the highest level of service to surgeons and patients to ensure sustainability. A major component of high quality service is the provision of anesthesia - who you choose to align with will have a direct impact to the success and longevity of your business. Your anesthesia provider must be collaborative and contribute to your Center's bottom line by being flexible, efficient and adaptable to the dynamic circumstances of your OR environment.

Premier Anesthesia Understands Your Challenges

  • To provide a superior anesthesia experience to both surgeons and patients
  • The "right" staffing which fits your culture and affords flexibility, dependability and reliability
  • Resources to ensure the optimization of the anesthesia delivery with revenue enhancement

The Solution:  Proprietary Tools and Resources

  • Provide the right medical leadership and management of the provision of anesthesia
  • Utilize proprietary technology tools to achieve measurable change which increaseproductivity and profitability (Evidence-Based Staffing©)
  • Manage the billing and collections to ensure reimbursements are captured appropriately
  • Provide financial transparency in reporting on a monthly basis

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