Premier Anesthesia as Change Agent
for Medical Leadership & Alignment 

Joe Kirk, Executive Vice President and
Richard O. Schooler, D.O., Chief Medical Officer
Freeman Health System, Joplin, Missouri

Are Leadership Issues Adversely Impacting Your OR?

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Ken Montano, Director of Business Development

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In a group setting, it is not unusual for individual anesthesiologists to function on their own rather than as a cohesive unit. In addition to the way most anesthesia groups are structured, day-to-day clinical demands often prevent physicians from investing sufficient time in implementing emerging best clinical and business practices. 

Symptoms of leadership issues in anesthesia departments include:

  • Lack of an action plan to address strategic and operational initiatives of the hospital
  • Survey-readiness may be lacking
  • Clinician turnover forces the routine use of locum tenens
  • Anesthesia services and OR service needs are not aligned

The Solution:  Unique and Specific Anesthesia Action Plan

Premier Anesthesia addresses leadership issues through a number of proven methods:

  • Hospital-specific Prescriptive Anesthesia Business Plan: Our management team develops a custom business plan to address your hospital's operational issues.  Strategic anesthesia business initiatives that are aligned with the facility's needs and plans are included.
  • Our corporate quality assurance team implements a clinical evidence-based best practices program and clinical audits, including regulatory agency audit programs as necessary.
  • All Premier Anesthesia Medical Directors are required to complete a management training program sponsored through the University of Alabama-Birmingham Graduate Program in Health Services Administration which equips each with improved management and leadership skills.
  • We utilize the strongest clinical recruitment platform in the industry through its affiliation with Jackson Healthcare to ensure staffing continuity and integrity for its clients.