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Anesthesia Services are often not Customer-Centric

Joseph P. Harrington,
President & CEO, and

Debbe Moreno,
Chief Nursing Officer,
Lodi Memorial Hospital   

Facilities constantly seek increased patient volume, capacity and efficiencies to stay competitive and financially viable. However, anesthesia services are often not based on customer-centric perspectives.

This leads to common anesthesia service issues that negatively impact volume and OR revenues:

  • Inflexible staffing coverage and practices that limit add-on and after-hour cases.
  • Failure to meet surgeon, hospital staff and patient satisfaction needs.
  • Lack of a service plan that supports the hospital's overall customer satisfaction initiatives.

The Solution:  Investment in People and Technology

Premier Anesthesia invests in its people as well as anesthesia technology in ways to unlock your OR potential:

  • We employ our Evidence-Based Staffing© Model to ensure flexible staffing to cover all OR needs.
  • We evaluate customer satisfaction and develop appropriate action plans to ensure measurable improvements.
  • Customer service and satisfaction strategies are incorporated into the business plan to ensure short and long-term clinical growth.