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Anesthesiologist & CRNA Careers

Careers / Practice Opportunities with Premier Anesthesia

Anesthesiologists and CRNAs are currently building anesthesia careers at Premier. In each of our anesthesia departments, we have assembled a core of providers, a centralized local team with access to and support from the larger Premier Anesthesia corporate team. We could elaborate on the benefits of anesthesia careers at Premier, but one of our own physicians said it best:

"The practice of anesthesia has changed with regards to compliance to national standards. Although currently on the hospital's reimbursement is affected by poor performance based on these standards, physicians won't be able to hide for much longer. Premier Anesthesia provides guidance and education to its anesthesia providers to improve patient care and compliance with increasing standards.

What I enjoy most about Premier Anesthesia is that I feel like I am part of a family. I am a person, not just an Anesthesiologist. They listen to our needs and help us adjust our practice as needed. We were presented with an opportunity to make more money and double our call. We instead asked to use our additional money to fund a late-shift position. Premier listened to the physicians, relayed our wants to the hospital, and now everyone is excited about providing more resources to the hospital while improving physician lifestyle.

With Premier Anesthesia, we have the resources to grow and modify our practice. Administrators don't usually speak the same language as doctors, and Premier is a great translator."

At Premier Anesthesia, we equip our Anesthesiologists and CRNAs with the continuing education, operational tools and business support they need to be able to focus on patient care and the practice of anesthesiology. If you are looking for an anesthesia career with an emerging leader, please consider Premier Anesthesia.

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