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Informative Consulting

Often hospitals need to bring in an objective party to better understand their anesthesia service. Informative Consulting helps hospitals understand their anesthesia challenges and focus on solutions. The Premier Team does a full assessment on the department and furnishes a written report that includes findings, recommendations and corrective action steps.

Transformational Consulting

Some Hospitals require assistance implementing the recommendations and corrective action steps found in the Informative Consulting Report. Transformational Consulting offers support from the Premier Team during the implementation period.

Service Line Management

Some Hospitals have an anesthesia structure that is working, but they are lacking leadership and organizational infrastructure. Service Line Management supports your existing team with an onsite Anesthesia Medical Director (AMD) who is armed with our processes, technology and corporate structure.

Turn Key Practice

Some hospitals would prefer to have someone else handle all aspects of their anesthesia service. Turn Key Outsourcing gives hospitals the opportunity to outsource the management of their entire anesthesia service delivery. As a full, strategic partner, Premier aligns all aspects of the anesthesia department with the needs and priorities of the hospital.

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