Anesthesia Consulting Services

Consulting Process 2


Premier's Anesthesia Consulting Services help hospitals understand their anesthesia challenges and focus on solutions. The Premier Team does a full assessment and furnishes a written report that includes findings, recommendations and corrective action steps.


Elements of Anesthesia Consulting Services

  • Offsite Preliminary Analysis. Prior to engaging with the hospital onsite, Premier will request specific data to support a preliminary analysis. 
  • Onsite Assessment. Premier's Consulting Team will interview key stakeholders for their imput on current and desired state of anesthesia service delivery. Further Premier's Team will observe department operations related to the scope of the engagement. 
  • Report Production. Premier's Consulting Team will analyze the data gathered against the preliminary analysis. The findings and recommendations will be compiled and presented in a comprehensive consulting report and made available to key hospital stakeholders, as deemed appropriate. 

Implementation of Recommendations

Some Hospitals require assistance implementing the recommendations and corrective action steps presented in the Consulting Report. Premier's Consulting Team offers optional support to Hospitals during the implementation period.

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