Informative Consulting


Often hospitals need to bring in an objective party to better understand their anesthesia service.

Informative Consulting helps hospitals understand their anesthesia challenges and focus on solutions. The Premier Team does a full assessment on the department and furnishes a written report that includes findings, recommendations and corrective action steps.  

How It Works

Step One: Data Collection & Quantitative Analysis

Prior to an onsite visit by the Premier Consulting Team, the facility will complete an anesthesia profile. This information is reviewed and analyzed by the Premier Team prior to their onsite visit.

Step Two: The Onsite Visit 

Premier's Consulting Team, composed of clinical and operational anesthesia experts, spends 1-5 days onsite (depending on the scope of the engagement).  The team will assess the overall effectiveness of the anesthesia department, which may include the following elements.  

  • Validation of the data and quantitative analysis findings (data and analysis completed in Step One)
  • Interviews with key stakeholders of the hospital; including surgeons, perioperative staff and hospital leadership
  • Review of processes, systems, policies, procedures, OR throughput and OR utilization
  • Review of quality/safety metrics and outcomes
  • Observation of the anesthesia organizational structure and its effectiveness
  • Observation of anesthesia leadership and its effectiveness

Step Three: Compilation & Strategy

The Premier Leadership Team reviews site documentation and findings.  They focus on maximizing your department in regards to cost, leadership, service, quality and hospital alignment.  They discuss your specific challenges and identify corrective action steps.  

Step Four: The Written Report

The team prepares a draft document with findings, recommendations and corrective action steps.  The document is shared with hospital leadership for review and comment.  After feedback is received, considered and appropriate edits are made, the consulting team gives an onsite, formal presentation of the final report to hospital leaders and others.

If the hospital requires further assistance with the implementation of corrective action steps, Premier's Consulting Team also offers Transformational Consulting.   

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