Service Line Management

Some hospitals have an anesthesia structure that they don't want to change, but they are lacking leadership and organizational infrastructure. Service Line Management supports your existing team with an Onsite Anesthesia Medical Director who is armed with our processes, technology and corporate infrastructure. In this model, Premier employs the Onsite Anesthesia Medical Director, but not the individual providers.


Elements of Service Line Management

  • Hospital Alignment. The Onsite Anesthesia Medical Director is responsible for ensuring alignment between the anesthesia providers and the priorities of the hospital. 
  • Anesthesia Business Planning. In collaboration with hospital leadership, Premier develops a strategic business plan and is responsible for the implementation and progress of that plan. 
  • Regional Governance. In addition to the Onsite Anesthesia Medical Director, Premier assigns a Regional Anesthesia Medical Director and a Regional Operations Director to support the Onsite Anesthesia Medical Director. 
  • Tools and Technology. Premier offers a number of cutting-edge technologies including Premier Pathways (our Anesthesia Information System), Evidence-Based Staffing Assessments and QGenda Scheduling Software. 
  • Recruiting. Premier's approach to recruiting is proactive, not reactionary. We have launched a number of innovative, multifaceted recruiting strategies that have helped us connect with the industry's top talent. 
  • Regulatory Compliance. Our team works to implement Premier's policies and procedures to ensure regulatory agency compliance.

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