Turn Key Outsourcing


Some hospitals would prefer to have someone else handle all aspects of their anesthesia service.

Turn Key Outsourcing gives hospitals the opportunity to outsource the management of their entire anesthesia service delivery.  As a full, strategic partner, Premier aligns all aspects of the anesthesia department with the needs and priorities of the hospital.

What is Involved


As part of the start-up process, there is a 90 day, onsite, due diligence review. This includes a formal Anesthesia Transition Plan which consists of over 200 specific, tactical activities designed to activate a new customer.  


Premier has been very successful retaining providers that the hospital wishes to transition. If/When coverage gaps are identified, Premier has developed a recruiting strategy that is sophisticated, multifaceted and proactive. 

Anesthesia Medical Director

Premier appoints an Anesthesia Medical Director (AMD) to provide leadership and business management to the anesthesia group, with the objective to meet the strategic and financial goals of the hospital. Premier AMDs are vetted through a rigorous psychological testing process and trained with superior management and leadership skills.

Tools and Technology

Premier will often implement Premier Pathways, our cloud-based anesthesia information management system designed to enhance provider effectiveness.  Premier Pathwaysenables the capture of critical quality data throughout the perioperative process. Premier's analytical dashboard engine is a dynamic, live, drillable tool that empowers our management team to monitor provider performance on a real-time basis.

Clinical, Operational & Financial Transparency

Premier is totally transparent when it comes to reporting all clinical, operational and financial aspects of our practices.  The Premier Team will conduct structured, monthly meetings with hospital leadership.  These meetings will include the review of quality dashboards, staffing charts and financial reports.  

Corporate Infrastructure & Support

In addition to their Anesthesia Medical Director, our hospitals are supported by a Regional Anesthesia Medical Director, a Regional Operations Director and a corporate operational infrastructure which includes recruiting, financial services, technology, credentialing, risk management and human resources.  

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