Turnkey Anesthesia Management

Premier's Turnkey Anesthesia Management Solution gives hospitals the opportunity to outsource the management of their entire anesthesia service delivery. As a full, strategic partner, Premier aligns all aspects of the anesthesia department with the needs and priorities of the hospital.


Elements of Turnkey Anesthesia Management

  • Onsite Anesthesia Medical Director. Premier appoints an Anesthesia Medical Director to provide leadership and management to the anesthesia group. 
  • Regional Practice Governance. Premier appoints a Regional Anesthesia Medical Director and a Regional Operations Director to provide clinical and operational support to the Onsite Anesthesia Medical Director. 
  • Corporate Infrastructure and Support. Our Regional and Onsite Teams are also supported by a number of Corporate Departments including Recruiting, Credentialing, Accounting, Human Resources, Risk Management, Technology, etc. 
  • Tools and Technology. Premier offers a number of cutting-edge technologies including Premier Pathways (our Anesthesia Information System), Evidence-Based Staffing Assessments and QGenda Scheduling Software. 
  • Recruiting. Premier's approach to recruiting is proactive, not reactionary. We have launched a number of innovative, multifaceted recruiting strategies that have helped us connect with the industry's top talent. 
  • Billing and Collections. Premier's financial processes are designed to improve billing workflow, account for all anesthesia services revenue, benchmark against financial projections, reduce AR and avoid compliance risks.
  • Regulatory Compliance. Our team works to implement Premier's policies and procedures to ensure regulatory agency compliance.

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