Anesthesia Crisis Management

Some Hospitals need immediate assistance with their anesthesia program. Anesthesia Crisis Management helps hospitals that find themselves in these crisis situations. 

Is your hospital facing a crisis? 

  • Breakdown in contract negotiations 

  • Unexpected notice of cancellation from existing provider group

  • Provider practice that is suddenly unavailable to provide services

  • Retirement or resignation of existing practice team members that causes practice to no longer meet service needs 

  • Urgent assistance with helping the anesthesia program meet regulatory compliance standards

Elements of Anesthesia Crisis Management

  • Resources. Premier has extensive personnel resources to meet short-term and long-term provider staffing needs within as little as 24 to 72 hours notice.

  • Interim Leadership & Recruiting. Premier has the ability to provide interim practice leadership until permanent leadership can be recruited and put into place.

  • Regulatory Compliance. Premier can work with your team to implement policies and procedures that ensure regulatory compliance.

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