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Anesthesia plays a key role in maximizing operating room effectiveness. Our teams have assessed hundreds of anesthesia departments and we have found that there are five key anesthesia issues that hospitals typically face.

Cost Issues. Many hospitals are overpaying for anesthesia services. Inflated anesthesia cost is typically a symptom of over-staffing, above-market compensation or billing/collecting challenges. In our experience, the typical medium-sized hospital can usually reduce its subsidy by 10-25% just by implementing the right reporting tools, processes and staffing strategies.

Leadership Issues. An effective Anesthesia Medical Director is crucial to any hospital-based anesthesia groups long-term success. Anesthesia Leaders often get so caught up in managing day-to-day challenges that they struggle to focus on the bigger picture. This is why it's important for these Leaders to have outside support - a team reviewing metrics, understanding staffing trends, watching the budget, recruiting new providers, etc.

Customer Service Issues. Anesthesia providers are expected to provide excellent service to the patient, but we often see that provider groups struggle to offer that same customer service to surgeons and perioperative staff.  In order to create an excellent anesthesia experience, you have to create an excellent experience for all hospital stakeholders.

Quality Issues. Many organizations feel they are providing quality, but have no consistent way to measure it.  In today's technological world, quality must be measured, monitored and used for growth.  There are a number of tools on the market available to measure quality, including the proprietary solution used in our practices, Premier Pathways. 

Alignment Issues. Teamwork with each hospital discipline is essential in the development of a successful anesthesia service line. In order to build teams focused on creating a culture of service, the teams must meet frequently, communicate clearly and share a common vision. 


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