Hospital Realizes Net Gain of $930,000 through Premier Anesthesia Recruiting Effort

Alpharetta, GA - October 6, 2010 - Kadlec Regional Medical Center, a 201-bed hospital in Richland, Washington, received a $930,000 "check" from Premier Anesthesia, the hospital's anesthesia management partner.

The $930,000 savings was the result of a 212 degree, extra-mile recruiting effort from Premier to fill several open anesthesia provider positions. Premier recruiters were able to fill those positions in record time. Dr. Dheeraj Ahuja, Premier Anesthesia's Medical Director at Kadlec Regional Medical Center, presented the check to hospital President, Lane Savitch and Vice President Finance, Julie Meek.

Mr. Savitch was not surprised by the check presentation or the amount. "We had every confidence that Premier would deliver. Historically, an arrangement like this would be unique, but in these economic times, hospitals and physician partners must be aligned to produce efficiencies, lower costs, maintain high quality of care levels and meet the expectations of our patients."

"I've been on the other side as a hospital CEO, and receiving a check back from any partner or vendor was extremely rare. It just did not happen," said Kerry Teel, President of Premier Anesthesia. "At Premier, we focus on alignment with our clients' strategic goals. In this case, it was developing a staffing structure based on OR utilization and working with Kadlec Regional Medical Center to build an anesthesia department that reflects and embraces their culture."