Premier Anesthesia: A Strategic Partnership Worth Exploring

Premier Anesthesia presents a $876,650 subsidy refund check to Kadlec Regional Medical Center.

It's not often that one sees business-to-business transactions conducted with a giant, celebratory check... but there was certainly cause for celebration when Premier Anesthesia was able to present a hospital in the Pacific Northwest with a check that was large, literally and figuratively. Initiative to Expand OR Services and Cut Expenses

Does it sound too good to be true? It wasn't for Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Washington. In 2011, the hospital was implementing Lean initiatives to tighten up expenses, focusing on the OR. The number of rooms would be reduced from 10 to seven; staff would be restructured to accommodate. But by the end of 2011, the growth curve for the hospital was on the upswing again. The goal for 2012 was to respond to the increasing patient volume. The hospital knew it had to act quickly to expand OR services if it wanted to maintain its surgical growth momentum.

The Premier Anesthesia Solution

Premier recruited full time staff to provide coverage for the additional anesthesia sites. In the interim, as permanent providers were being recruited, Premier Anesthesia and its current provider team internally flexed up staffing to increase OR availability. This was much more cost effective than hiring locums providers.

But with change comes uncertainty. To help ensure a positive experience for surgeons and patients, Premier Anesthesia leadership made presentations to the group on ways to improve communication and customer service as the transition unfolded. Premier Anesthesia and its provider team worked together to enhance efficiencies and productivity.

The whole process was guided by Premier Anesthesia's Medical Director at the hospital. Serving as a strategic partner, he understood that he must plan and budget with the hospital's financials in mind. Like other Premier Anesthesia Medical Directors, he is a problem solver in the department that gives Premier Anesthesia a unique and clear understanding of the facility's needs.

The Premier Anesthesia Result

As he told the hospital's President & Chief Financial Officer when presenting the (large) check of $876,650, "This was all made possible because of our partnership and working as a team - Premier Anesthesia and the hospital - and so we were able to pass these substantial savings back to you."

The hospital's President said Premier Anesthesia's vast improvements in efficiency and productivity in the operating room resulted in a dramatic decrease in the subsidization of anesthesia. That money went back to the hospital. "I think we make a great team," the hospital's President said.

Better productivity, efficient service and laser focus on customer experience... it all adds up to financial gains for the hospital, and sometimes even a big check.

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