Partnership Means Facing Difficult Situations Together

In this particular partnership, partnership drove a much-needed reduction in anesthesia overhead.

A Surprising Call to the Executives at Premier Anesthesia

Dr. Jerry Titel and Norb Hummel knew their teams cared about the hospitals where they worked, but this went beyond that.

Client Hospital in Severe Financial Difficulties, Nearing Insolvency

The Premier Anesthesia Medical Director, on the phone from a small hospital on the West Coast, was blunt with his bosses, "We've got to do something." The hospital was experiencing severe financial difficulties. Expenses had to be reduced in a big way, and quickly. "I've talked this over with the anesthesiologists," the Medical Director said. "We want to reduce our compensation. Immediately, Premier Anesthesia jumped on board. The company reduced the management fee by $100,000 and the physicians matched that. The plan was set in motion within 24 hours.

A Vendor Helping Work towards a Solution