How Premier Anesthesia's Flexibility Created New Client Revenue Streams for a Hospital Client

The Situation: A Vendor that that's Not Open to Change

Amid the pristine scenery of Upstate New York was an anesthesia department at one such hospital that didn't welcome change. Add OB services? No. How about OR Coverage? No. Can you help to reduce costs by adding CRNAs? No.

Challenge: To Improve Service & Boost Revenue

The hospital engaged with Premier Anesthesia to see what they would say "yes" too. They needed to examine how they could improve service to the community and boost revenue at the same time. Turns out, one big solution was staring the administrators in the face.

Chronic pain management is an issue to be tackled in any community. In this particular community, a hospital administrator was driving more than an hour to manage her own chronic pain. That didn't make sense on a number of levels. Wouldn't it be better if the administrator could be treated at her own facility? Yes. Wouldn't it be better still if other people who suffered from chronic pain could get treatment in their own community? Yes. It was the beginning of a positive transformation that paid off in a number of ways.

The Premier Anesthesia Solution

Premier Anesthesia recruited a physician who is board certified in both anesthesia and pain medicine. On the days he wasn't working in the OR, he worked in a newly established pain clinic. With more than 1,500 cases since the clinic started, the new revenue stream began flowing strongly.

Other doctors were recruited and OB-epidural service was started. The anesthesia staffing model was changed to include CRNAs, which saved money. New income sources coupled with cost-saving measures meant a positive impact for the hospital.

Premier Anesthesia's Results

Patients with chronic pain didn't have to travel one or two hours for treatment, which was time-consuming and expensive. Now, help was right there in their community. "The pain clinic staff is here for our patients to help design a treatment to help improve or resume their daily habits with less discomfort," the Clinical Coordinator at the pain clinic said, "Our goal is to give them back a better quality of life.

The additions in patient care have enhanced the customer experience for patients, surgeons and OB doctors. For this facility, finally seeking "yes" opened up many possibilities.

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