A Regional Anesthesia Network May Be Your Solution

Great American Inventor Henry Ford put it well: "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

Creating Regional Anesthesia Networks Can Give Small or Rural Hospitals Advantages that Larger Facilities Have

At Premier Anesthesia, we want to ensure success at hospitals of all sizes, in all areas of the country. Some smaller facilities or those located in more remote areas struggle to maintain consistent, high-quality, reliable anesthesia service at an affordable cost. Our solution? Working together for success.

For instance, when OR volume ebbs and flows, you want to be able to adjust anesthesia staff accordingly. An anesthesia network would create a large provider pool to support the fluctuations, and cover provider vacations and vacancies more cost-effectively. That gives maximum flexibility and would minimize the need for locums and their associated premium cost.

Smaller facilities and those in outlying areas demand top-notch quality, just like everywhere else. Premier Anesthesia's regional anesthesia networks achieve that level of service with standardized protocols and procedures and include a network-wide system for monitoring quality. Establishing rules and guidelines is great, but who is there to enforce them to make a long-term difference? A Premier Anesthesia Regional Medic