True Partnership Requires Flexibility

It's good to have options. When you work with a trusted partner, it's especially good to have a vendor that can change to adapt to your evolving needs.

The Need: Better Processes and Logical OR Schedules

A hospital in New Jersey was enjoying the benefits of Premier Anesthesia's Service Line Management. It was employing anesthesia providers and all seemed to be well. But administrators became aware that leadership and logistics needed to improve. The facility's ORs could do better. They looked to Premier Anesthesia for help and decided to transition to a full-service, outsourced anesthesia management model.

"We are always looking for ways to improve our services, both from a medical standpoint for better patient care, and from a financial standpoint for better hospital management," said the hospital's Vice President of Operations and COO. "In today's challenging healthcare environment it is crucial for hospitals to continually reevaluate their processes and systems. Our decision to use Premier Anesthesia is a reflection of that ongoing effort to improve our performance."

A Premier Anesthesia Medical Director was brought in to provide medical leadership and business management of the anesthesia group. Premier worked closely with the facility's leadership to create detailed clinical, operational and business management strategies aimed at achieving the hospital's goals. Customer experience is crucial for all stakeholders: surgeons, OR staff, patients and hospital administration. Premier Anesthesia used Evidence-Based processes to deliver worry-free, high-quality, cost-effective anesthesia service.

The Results

As part of its full service commitment, Premier Anesthesia recruited three anesthesiologists and six CRNAs for a solid OR team. With a vast recruiting system at its fingertips, Premier Anesthesia has access to thousands of OR professionals, so it can find stellar providers quickly.

"Premier has delivered expert insight and advice drawing on resources that we would never have had access to. Premier has been quick to respond to every question and request and has been very accommodating and flexible to our needs," the COO says.

For this facility and others across the country, clunky inefficient ORs are not an option. That's why they turn to Premier Anesthesia's unique offerings, backed by years of experience in a variety of settings. Even when pivoting from one option to another, a strong partnership becomes even stronger, as changing needs are met without sacrificing customer satisfaction among surgeons and patients.

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