Sullivan Healthcare Consulting Joins the Jackson Healthcare Family of Companies

Premier Anesthesia is welcoming a new member to its team: Sullivan Healthcare Consulting. Sullivan is a natural counterpart for Premier. For 40 years now, Sullivan has honed a unique skill set and experience base: perioperative suite improvement.

Bringing that knowledge under the Premier Anesthesia umbrella allows Sullivan Healthcare Consulting to assist in making the entire OR experience superior. Sullivan’s methods are an excellent companion to both of its (now) sister companies, Premier Anesthesia and Jackson Surgical Assistants, as each company uses an evidence-based strategy for finding solutions in a hospital’s OR department.

They interview key OR players and use the information to generate a consulting report that highlights development points for achieving optimal OR performance. In some cases, an interim perioperative director may be needed to implement a business plan. That’s where Sullivan picks up. Working together, Premier Anesthesia, Sullivan Healthcare Consulting and Jackson Surgical Assistants provide the best solution for increasing efficiencies and refining staffing in the department that generates the biggest part of revenue and profitability for hospitals.

Sullivan has built a databank of information from a large number of hospitals. It collects various metrics – measurement standards that are consistent throughout hospitals. This allows the hospitals to establish their metrics to align with best practices discovered at other facilities. Given such clear, concrete benchmarks to compare with their own performance, it becomes easy to see where hospitals need to improve.

“Sullivan Healthcare Consulting gives us the resources that show us the bigger OR picture,” said Kerry Teel, President of Premier Anesthesia. “This acquisition brings together an array of services to