Consulting with Integrity

Giving advice can be a tricky business. You have to prove yourself a strong, well-informed partner, with the best interests of the client at the foundation of every recommendation you make. Even then, the final decision is always up to the client.

We start with a thorough assessment.

In the case of a facility in New England, Premier Anesthesia was called in for a consulting engagement and was diligent, as always. A Vice President with the facility marveled at how comprehensive Premier's process was. Premier provided a 360° view of how the anesthesia service worked by interviewing every possible stakeholder and examining OR cases in-depth. Premier was specifically looking at the size of the anesthesia team and the structure of the department.

The VP says the assessment report was "right on." It validated the competency of the hospital's contract anesthesia group. The VP points out that it wasn't exactly in Premier Anesthesia's best interest to give the anesthesia group a strong assessment, but it was obviously objective and therefore, respected. So were the rest of the recommendations.

The initial conversations with Premier proved invaluable to the facility. Based on those, the leadership was confident in making changes. Premier Anesthesia applies its proprietary tools, including Evidence-Based Staffing, to customize a plan of action. The goal is to align the anesthesia service to the mission of the hospital. As a solid partner in developing that strategy, Premier provided all the information necessary to equip the facility in making its decisions.