Some Call it Award-Winning Service; We Call it Day-To-Day Operations.

Challenging times can call for creative measures and that can attract some attention.

Premier Anesthesia's Attention-Grabbing Results

At a facility in the south, the challenge was to boost productivity. The anesthesia practice was redesigned for a "one job, one focus" model, instead of everyone doing everything, which can be inefficient. The redesign included the development of a flow policy and procedure, as well as holding personnel highly accountable.

A CRNA team is responsible for the majority of the anesthesia services in the operating room. Anesthesiologists work behind the scenes on CRNA-led cases. They can complete a higher level evaluation when indicated, and / or consult with other providers and the patient when necessary. Doctors also perform the evaluative (on sicker patients) and prescriptive elements of the workflow. The efficient use of staff catapulted the hospital into the 75th percentile for productivity.

Awarded for Superior Performance