Introducing Premier Pathways: Innovative OR Technology for Anesthesia

Premier Anesthesia has been on the leading edge of technological innovation for years.

Premier Anesthesia's Technological Innovations

Its proprietary Evidence-based quality and business management tools routinely reduce the cost of anesthesia service, enhance quality of care and improve customer experience. Evidence-Based Staffing (EBS) software measures and tracks OR utilization and clinical productivity. Matching the needs for room utilization with actual staffing allows Premier Anesthesia to make sound decisions from both a clinical and business standpoint.

Premier isn't stopping there. It is now leveraging technology to provide real-time, operational, performance data. The new tool is called Premier Pathways. It brings together Premier Anesthesia's practice management tools in a web-based platform so users can instantly see data and analysis for optimal OR performance.

What is Premier Pathways?

Premier Pathways is easy to use, which allows providers to keep their focus on patient care. Data is entered quickly and easily from mobile devices. Then it goes to the information cloud, where it is safely stored, available for analysis and visible to Premier Anesthesia's business and clinical leadership.

Users can customize their own personal dashboards to pre-populate with any number of standard reports. That means they can see, at a glance, performance criteria such as productivity, efficiency, location usage, clinical quality and patient safety, right on their mobile devices.

Let's say you wanted to focus on one particular aspect of performance. Premier Pathways lets you preform ad-hoc searches to get the answer to your question quickly. For broader needs, you can design custom reports specific to the clinical and operational information your facility needs.

How does Premier Pathways Benefit the OR?

Premier Pathways helps anesthesia practice leadership and hospital administration more closely examine perioperative performance data. They can then make key business decisions, improve operations and productivity, and enhance quality and patient safety.

Not only that, Premier Anesthesia also believes that giving individual providers access to such information will cause them to take a more in-depth look at their own performance. They'll be able to benchmark themselves against their peers and use those specifics to challenge themselves to improve their individual performance.

Premier has proven many times that using technology to manage data and analytics sets the hospital on the road to efficiency and enhanced safety. Making this information available in real-time through Premier Pathways allows that process to happen even faster.

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