Another Smooth Transition: Mount Carmel West in Columbus, Ohio

Change. Transition. These words can create tremendous stress for hospital executives. But change is inevitable, and, transitions can be positive.

Sean McKibben, President and COO of Mount Carmel West, embarked on a transition when he asked Premier Anesthesia for a proposal. He saw a different perspective with Premier. He especially liked dealing with Premier's decision makers. "The team you work with during the proposal is the same team you work with through the transition; there's no pass-off. You don't have to go through three or four transitions."

Melissa Stacy-Cull, the facility's Director of Surgical Services, gave high marks to Dr. Anthony Dominic, the Anesthesia Medical Director who was on the ground with Premier Anesthesia's team many weeks before the actual transition. "He went to meetings and was in the building day in and day out. He asked stakeholders what their biggest concerns were. So 'Day One' wasn't really day one for us, because they had been here so long."

Mr. McKibben agreed, "The physician leadership Dr. Dominic has been able to provide has been outstanding. A lot of things have contributed to the success of the transition: partnering with physicians, nurses and other key stakeholders. His involvement was a key ingredient." He also says that Premier's execution and implementation were huge in rolling out the new anesthesia service. "We truly went live, with no 30-day implementation." This was significant, since the transition involved 30 providers. Premier's recruitment efforts minimized expensive locums use.

Ms. Stacy-Cull said the communication with Premier Anesthesia has been &q