Evidence-Based Anesthesia Management

Our teams continuously monitor and report the quality and service performance of our providers. As part of that commitment, we use a number of state-of-the-art technologies to assist in gathering the appropriate data on our key performance metrics. This allows us to be continuously focused on quality improvement.

Premier Pathways

Premier Pathways is our anesthesia information management system for clinical documentation and operational management reporting. This mobile, cloud-based application can be accessed anywhere and is available in real time. Premier Pathways is a powerful information platform that drives performance and desired outcomes. Analytic reports are real-time and comparable between location, surgeon, anesthesiologist, CRNA and specialty. Evidence-Based Staffing Charts

Our provider staffing models are driven by our Evidence-Based Staffing (EBS). Our EBS solution identifies the actual staffing requirements to efficiently and effectively drive safe and timely patient throughput and guides us to staff accordingly. QGenda

Premier uses QGenda to ensure operating room coverage and the integrity of the staffing schedule for the department. QGenda interfaces with the hospital's surgical schedule to assign staff by operative site, case, provider skill set, surgeon preference, etc.

Contact our team to discuss how Premier Anesthesia can help your hospital address evidence-based management.

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