Three Ways Stay Ahead in an Anesthesia Change

Changes in healthcare mean hospitals are having to rethink everything. Anesthesia is no exception. When laying out plans for your anesthesia group, here are three things to do to keep the service operating successfully. Three Ways to Keep Anesthesia Ahead of the Game

  • Agree Upon an Annual Budget. Work together to create an annual budget and put plans in place to track the budget. In monthly meetings, review the monthly and year-to-date progress. Work together to develop action plans to address monthly variances.

  • Measure, Monitor & Correct. Create operational, quality and patient safety dashboards with benchmark metrics to establish expected performance outcomes. In monthly meetings, review the reports and create written action plans to address negative variances.

  • Ensure Accountability. Require the practice to be contractually at financial risk to successfully achieve and maintain benchmark metric standards. Require practices to address negative variances with written action plans. Practice members should have 10-20% of their compensation at risk to help ensure that they meet established benchmark standards.

These are just some of the simple rules that need to be laid out to ensure an anesthesia practice is successful. Most importantly, you must have an anesthesia partner that has the knowledge, experience and passion to follow through with practice success.

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