Data Collection Driving Metric Reporting for Premier Practice

Good decision-making requires reliable data. That’s true for any industry, but it’s especially crucial when data integrity could affect life-and-death decisions.

That’s why Premier Pathways – an interactive real-time data analysis and visualization tool – is invaluable for clinical documentation and operational management. Premier Pathways collects provider-specific data points in real time so leadership can have the right information when they need it to make decisions that promote superior performance and increase positive outcomes.

High-quality data translates into meaningful analytics. Premier Pathways puts important details in the hands of decision-makers through relevant, structured reports, including predictive information to anticipate how the day will go in the OR, or longer-term metrics to foresee trends that improve patient care and the overall running of the facility.

In addition, Premier Pathways is built on an open architecture platform, to interface with hospital EMRs, national registries and back-end billing systems. Contributing data to the Anesthesia Quality Institute’s National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry (NACOR) entitles anesthesia practices to receive quarterly benchmarking reports. That makes it easy to measure performance against similar groups. Premier Pathways is a certified AQI contributor.

Not only that, Premier Pathways encourages healthy team competition. Providers can see how their performance compares with their peers. The anesthesia medical director can see the same metrics and dashboards, as can the regional governance team and corporate team. Hospital leaders can even receive customized dashboards that show critical service and outcome metrics. Such transparency motivates providers to deliver top-of-the-line care, the gold standard.