Four Culture Traits Tips for Anesthesia Leadership

The anesthesia provider culture is a mirror image of the personality, character qualities, and attributes of their anesthesia leader. Anesthesia leadership must buy in and understand that a successful anesthesia culture must:

  1. Prioritize Customer Service. Prioritize service and recognize patients, surgeons and perioperative staff members as are their customers.

  2. Ditch the negative. Promote a culture of "yes" rather than a culture of "no."

  3. Take initiative. Proactively seek out new, better ways to improve anesthesia care for patients and surgeons.

  4. Walk the talk. Lead by example - always go the extra mile to meet customer needs and service expectations.

The anesthesia practice culture must focus on serving others first. People create cultures. If your anesthesia culture is not meeting the needs and expectations of its key stakeholders, the culture needs to change, and that can be a difficult challenge for a chief anesthesiologist and his/her practice partners.

It may be the right time to consider making the institutional commitment to build an Anesthesia Center of Excellence. Premier can help.