The Advantages of Choosing a National Company

An in-house team or a small group can get so caught up in the daily management of their practice that they simply don't have the resources to strategically think about the big picture.

Premier Anesthesia is a national anesthesia management and consulting company. That means that, of course, you will have a provider team onsite, but you will also have teams of people working around the clock to ensure the success of your practice.

  • A Regional Operations Director will act as the Business Manager for your practice. The Regional Operations Director works with the Hospital each year to develop an Annual Business Plan, then meets with the Hospital monthly to report the progress of that plan and review monthly dashboards.

  • Our Recruiting Team is dedicated to finding the right candidates for our Premier Practices. The team has built a sophisticated, multifaceted recruiting process that encompasses nurture campaigns, email messaging, social media, trade-shows and the industry's top job boards.

  • Our Billing & Collections Team excels in achieving key industry collections/revenue metrics in order to optimize practice receipts and reduce subsidy needs.

  • Our Risk Management Team takes responsibility for insurance procurement, claims management, litigation management and loss prevention.

  • Our Technology Team is responsible for implementing and supporting the technologies we deploy to more efficiently and effectively manage our practices.

  • Our Human Resources Team focuses on employee relations for your onsite anesthesia providers.

  • Our Accounting Team is in charge of monitoring each Hospital's monthly, quarterly and annual budgetary goals.

  • Our Credentialing Team offers assistance with provider credentialing, streamlining the process by helping to gather all of the necessary documentation required.

This all sound great, but you love your team too much to consider it? Let us recruit your providers. We have a 90% retention rate during transitions, showing that we can retain almost all of those providers that you want to keep.

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