Five Questions to Evaluate your Anesthesia Department

In today's healthcare environment, it is more important than ever that hospitals focus on having an anesthesia service that provides quality, cost-effective and service-oriented coverage. Is your anesthesia group providing ideal coverage? We've crafted these five questions to help you evaluate your department.

Five Questions to Evaluate your Anesthesia Department

  1. Are you certain that your hospital is paying a fair and equitable subsidy for the anesthesia service being provided?

  2. Are your surgeons satisfied with the daily anesthesia experience they are receiving?

  3. Are you satisfied that the group is aligned with the hospital's overall business goals?

  4. Do your providers have the systems, processes and tools in place to manage and control costs?

  5. Do your current providers meet your expectations for providing quality care and customer service to surgeons, patients, perioperative staff members and hospital administration?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, you may have systematic anesthesia issues. Premier Anesthesia can help you address these problems through either Anesthesia Management Services or