Four Things to Address in your 2018 Anesthesia Business Plan

Building an Anesthesia Business Plan requires a clear understanding of current status, collaboration with hospital leadership and development of specific action steps for success. Annual Business Plans can be hugely successful in helping teams maximize service, reduce costs and grow service lines.

Here are four things your team may address in their 2018 Plan:

  1. Strategies to make services more efficient and economical

  2. Surgical service line actual needs versus expectations

  3. Quality and service standards to elevate care

  4. New service line opportunities

How do you keep the business plans on track throughout the year?

We suggest meeting regularly with your anesthesia group to discuss current state of services and how it lines up with the annual plan. Our Regional Operations Directors meet monthly with hospital leadership, but we recommend scheduling designated time to discuss the plan at least on a quarterly basis.

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