Hospital Needed Fast Solution with Quick Results

When you want change to happen, yesterday isn't soon enough.

Current Anesthesia Provider Lacking Service, Leadership and Compliance

By the time the CEO of a hospital in Washington State reached out to Premier Anesthesia, there was much that needed to be fixed.

The independent contractors who provided anesthesia services did not work with each other, the hospital or surgeons. Scheduling surgeries was immensely difficult, and keeping the OR schedule on track was even harder. No one was a leader, there was no strategic planning and patient service wasn't a big priority. Something had to be done, but what? The problems seemed like a mountain no one could climb.

Then, a board member - the CEO of a hospital with a seven-plus-year relationship with Premier Anesthesia - recommended this CEO contact them. His call set in motion a tornado of activity. Premier Anesthesia sent a high-level team: President Kerry Teel, VP and Chief Development Officer Wally Anderson and VP of Medical Affairs Dr. Jerry Titel. They made an initial presentation on how Premier Anesthesia could help.

"We liked the flexibility," the CEO said. "One thing that was different from other firms was their strong commitment to both evidence-based medicine and customer satisfaction, both for the patient and the hospital." In subsequent meetings, the CEO began to get a sense of how Premier Anesthesia works, the services it provides and the integrity and expertise that are the foundations for everything it does. Trust grew, and from that came an anesthesia services agreement.

The Premier Anesthesia Transition

As part of the start-up process, there is a 90 day onsite due diligence review. Premier Anesthesia's team interviewed the key hospital stakeholders; its leadership team, surgeons, OR manager, PACU manager, OB manager, pharmacy director, medical staff office and quality / risk management. The goal was to gather all the facts and be fair when making recommendations.

At the 45 day mark of the transition period, a Findings Report with a Goal & Action Plan was presented. The new financial plan included significant changes with the anesthesia providers, which were, of course, scrutinized. But due diligence was clear and staff adjustments were considered fair. The hospital was interested in moving from an anesthesiologist-only practice to a provider team model, so Premier introduced CRNAs to the facility. The CEO said it was presented and explained to key stakeholders in such a way that it was readily accepted.

Premier Anesthesia Results

Only 60 days into the anesthesia services engagement, the CEO recommended Premier Anesthesia to another CEO at a hospital in his healthcare group. Premier Anesthesia showed it can move mountains to improve efficiency in the OR. "In the last two months, Premier just dove right in. They worked to understand our situation. One OR staff member told me improvement is already obvious," he said.

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