Premier Needed for a Crisis Intervention

The bright orange card displayed in Dr. Jerry Titel's office at Premier Anesthesia sums it up: "Thanks for saving my hospital."

Crisis: 45 Days to Decertification by the State Department of Health

The simple, heartfelt message was the culmination of Premier Anesthesia's intervention to defuse a major crisis at a hospital in a small Pacific Northwest town. The facility had received notification after a state Department of Health Survey that it was on a 45 day path toward decertification. It was devastating news. If that happened, the town would lose its major source of healthcare and its biggest employer.

The hospital had one opportunity to be saved. Another survey would happen in a matter of weeks. Administrators knew to redeem the hospital, they must address the issues the survey uncovered, for the sake of the whole town but they needed help. Right away, they called several anesthesia management companies. The problem: It was late December. Everyone was in holiday mode. Still, this hospital needed a miracle.

Kerry Teel, Premier Anesthesia's President, immediately recognized the seriousness of the situation. His experience as head of a large medical center told him something needed to happen - fast - for this facility to survive. Premier Anesthesia was the only company to respond promptly to the hospital's pleas for assistance. Dr. Titel, Premier Anesthesia's VP of Medical Affairs, was on the action team that arrived onsite the first week of January.