3 Ways You Can Help Your Anesthesia Group Be More Successful

With decades of experience and practices across the country, our teams have a lot of experience helping operating rooms maximize their OR potential. Here are three ways you can help your anesthesia group be more successful.

  1. Create an Annual Anesthesia Business Plan. Work with your anesthesia group to build an annual anesthesia business plan that is to be reviewed and tracked monthly (or quarterly). The plan should be designed to complement the hospital's yearly overall financial and operational goals, therefore inspiring a strategic partnership between you and your anesthesia group.

  2. Implement tools & technology to support the practice. Good decision making requires reliable data. Anesthesia teams should be continuously monitoring and reporting on the quality and service performance of their provider teams. Ensure that your group has a reliable anesthesia information system, a program to monitor staffing trends and a robust provider scheduling platform.

  3. Inspire a culture of collaboration and service. The anesthesia provider culture is a mirror image of the personality, character qualities and attributes of their anesthesia leader. Anesthesia leadership must buy-in and understand that a successful anesthesia culture must prioritize customer service, promoting a culture of "yes" rather than a culture of "no."

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