Defining a Good Consult

Changes in healthcare are moving rapidly. Keeping up with new rules and regulations can feel impossible without a clear plan of action. At Premier Consulting Services, we are a physician-led team with the experience to evaluate both academic and private practice healthcare centers, including your ambulatory, non-operating room anesthetizing (NORA) sites and office-based practices. We help to make your perioperative process better, faster and less expensive, while providing improved patient and provider satisfaction.

For most consults it seems like everyone is focused on various staffing models to optimize their operating rooms (ORs) and procedure rooms. The biggest reason to do so is the rising costs of providing professional medical care, despite reductions in reimbursement rates for surgical services. Healthcare Executives are faced with providing surgeons with availability for their various time demands, while staffing the rooms efficiently and minimizing costs. Managing all of the many moving parts can become quite complicated as surgeons, nurses and anesthesiologists all seem to work in their own silos. Furthermore, internal cultural variability makes formula-driven solutions impractical when it comes to implementation. Therefore, far too many audits go into the executive “File 13” and the status quo continues on.

At Premier Consulting, we are often invited into medical centers that have already had a previous consultation that could not be executed. Therefore, the previous recommendations had little value to the institution. A good consult first requires listening and understanding the current situation. It also involves educating administration and the perioperative staff on the practical aspects of their current OR throughput. Demystifying the fears of making significant change in the OR culture helps to make meaningful changes a reality. Communication is key to getting everyone moving in the same direction. The staff must understand why changes are important. Premier Consulting Services interviews medical staff in their work environment to see first-hand how your system operates. We listen and watch your patient processes to give you the best feedback on how to improve. Our experienced team knows where the issues typically lie and where the delays usually occur.

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