How Technology Can Make Your Anesthesia Service Better

Premier Anesthesia has innovative tools. Everything in the Premier Pathways 2.0 information management system is geared toward data collection to help ORs run smoothly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Premier Anesthesia's Evidence Based Staffing (EBS) software collects details of anesthesia providers' productivity and OR utilization. It matches surgical needs with actual staffing, allowing the OR to run like a top, while reducing the hospital's cost per surgical case. EBS maintains OR availability and accessibility for surgeons and protects quality of care and patient outcomes.

The Premier Pathways 2.0 technology catapults this amazing practice management tool into real time. Providers enter data on their mobile devices, where they can securely view it, and it's available to Premier's business and clinical leadership in real-time. Providers keep their focus on patient care. Premier Anesthesia analyzes the data.

Every month, Premier Anesthesia providers it hospital clients with complete clinical and financial data for unprecedented, absolute transparency. Facilities know where they stand at a glance. With an eye on utilization and productivity in real time, Premier can adjust staffing to be proactive rather than reactive to help manage costs.

Premier practice managers are responsible for gathering, analyzing and presenting the data in exceptionally open communication with hospital administrators. Some practices don't have the ability to obtain all this information, or if they can get it, they don't do anything with it. Premier Anesthesia captures the information and uses it to easily create business and action plans to move anesthesia departments forward in response to changing demands and trends. Hospital administrators use the information to make key business decisions, improve operations and productivity, and enhance quality and patient safety.

Anesthesia providers are amazed and impressed by how easy Premier Pathways 2.0 is to use. It makes their jobs easier and even challenges them to stay on their toes by comparing their performance with that of their peers. That self-awareness, coupled with an awareness of the overall OR performance, elevates patient care to levels previously unheard of.

Premier Anesthesia has always been in the fast lane for technology. With Premier Pathways 2.0, it is combining its unique technology and expertise to guide ORs to superior performance, month after month.

To learn more about how Premier Pathways 2.0 can help you, contact us at 1-855-220-3662 or complete the form below.

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