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Premier Anesthesia

An Anesthesia Management Company

Premier Anesthesia is an anesthesia management company that brings the following value to our hospital partners.

  • We measure quality. We use analytical management tools, processes and dashboards to enhance the quality of care and improve provider productivity.

  • We believe in continuously working to manage subsidies. Our team works to maximize efficiency, manage staffing and improve collections on an ongoing basis, to get your hospital to a subsidy that makes the most sense for you. Additionally, we are totally financially transparent with our hospital partners so you always know what you are paying and why.

  • We focus on the customer service experience. Our team considers all hospital stakeholders to be our customer. This includes administration, surgeons, perioperative staff members and, most importantly, the patient. We work to listen, understand and exceed expectations. We conduct regular satisfaction surveys to measure our success.

Our overall goal is to build a collaborative, strategic partnership that results in the best anesthesia service for your unique hospital needs.

Contact our team for a confidential proposal.

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For any general inquiries or to request a confidential proposal, please fill in the contact form below.

Patient billing questions? Please email PatientBilling@PremierAnesthesia.com or call 866-214-8600.

Note: This form should never contain personal health information. If you are a patient, please visit the Patient PageP

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