Culture "Trumps" Consult

Getting the most from your consult recommendation often depends on your hospital culture. Have you ever obtained a consult and thought it looked great but could never execute the plan of action or recommendations, so you ask for another consult?

Often, the issue is the ability to change the culture in the workplace rather than finding different solutions to the same problems.

Culture Trumps Consults Every Time!

The most common obstruction we find in our consultation is that the culture of the institution refuses to change even though the system is not working.

In an article by Paul Bate titled, “Changing the Culture of a Hospital: From Hierarchy to Networked Community,” he outlined three cultures that are often seen:

1. Culture of Tribalism – where professional factions adopt a tribal outlook and dedicate themselves to winning gains for their “patch” regardless of the harm it inflicts on other parts of the organization.