5 Ways to Decrease Your Anesthesia Subsidy

An astronomical anesthesia subsidy. If there was ever a reason for a hospital to put their current anesthesia contract out to bid – this is it. This is the granddaddy of all RFP triggers. However, sometimes subsidies just seem to grow over time and no one knows why, nor has anyone done anything to address it, until the hospital is faced with financial pressures and looking to reduce expenses.

A good anesthesia partner will be constantly looking for ways to decrease or manage your anesthesia cost, rather than allowing practices that increase it. This philosophy appears to go against conventional wisdom and involves ongoing analysis of the whole service line and everything that contributes to it.

5 Ways to Decrease Anesthesia Subsidy Naturally

  1. Improve processes to maximize productivity

  2. Create efficient, data-driven staffing models

  3. Reduce supply utilization

  4. Quickly recruit and replace permanent staff

  5. Routinely mo