What CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs Need From Their Anesthesia Provider Group

First, hospital leadership should realize that when a hospital awards an exclusive anesthesia provider contract, they have given the group an awesome opportunity to earn a great income. It’s all about doing something that they should be professionally passionate about, and that is providing safe and compassionate care for their patients. There is a wise old saying, “Find something that you love to do, and you will never work a day in your life.” For most providers, healthcare is as much about a calling to serve others as it is a vocation.

Provider groups that have been awarded exclusive hospital anesthesia contracts should realize that there are certain expectations and responsibilities that come with their contracts. Contracts are meant to build a mutually beneficial partnership between the hospital and the provider group. There are number of issues that have stressed the partnership between some hospitals and their anesthesia provider groups, such as regulatory and reimbursement pressure from federal, state and voluntary regulatory agencies, and third-party payers. The hospital industry has responded to these issues by adopting the following mantra of the Triple Aim – (i) improving patient care, (ii) improving the patient experience and (iii) reducing cost. The institutional drive to accomplish the Triple Aim has at times driven an economic wedge between historically good partnership relationships between the hospital and their anesthesia provider groups. Repairing and revitalizing the partnership between hospitals and their anesthesia partners takes both sides making concessions and working together to address the issues around quality and cost of patient care.

Premier, through its national anesthesia consulting services and its national network of anesthesia partnerships (hospital contracts), has identified five (5) partnership qualities that hospi