Anesthesia Leadership Issues: Symptoms and Solutions

In a group setting, it is not unusual for individual anesthesiologists to function on their own rather than as a cohesive unit. The structure of most anesthesia groups and the day-to-day clinical demands often prevent physicians from investing sufficient time in implementing best clinical and business practices. However, for the group to successfully contribute and have a presence in hospital leadership, a strong anesthesia medical leader is needed.

Symptoms of leadership issues in anesthesia departments include:

  • Lack of an action plan to address strategic and operational initiatives of the hospital

  • Clinician turnover forces the routine use of locum tenens

  • Anesthesia services and OR service needs are not aligned

  • Survey-readiness may be lacking

The Solution: Unique and Specific Anesthesia Action Plan

Premier Anesthesia addresses leadership issues by putting processes and qualified and dedicated individuals in place to ensure success.

  • Custom Solutions: Our management team develops a custom business plan and budget that addresses Premier's accountability and responsibility for meeting our client hospital's service, outcome and cost expectations. We the