Anesthesia Leadership Issues: Symptoms and Solutions

In a group setting, it is not unusual for individual anesthesiologists to function on their own rather than as a cohesive unit. The structure of most anesthesia groups and the day-to-day clinical demands often prevent physicians from investing sufficient time in implementing best clinical and business practices. However, for the group to successfully contribute and have a presence in hospital leadership, a strong anesthesia medical leader is needed.

Symptoms of leadership issues in anesthesia departments include:

  • Lack of an action plan to address strategic and operational initiatives of the hospital

  • Clinician turnover forces the routine use of locum tenens

  • Anesthesia services and OR service needs are not aligned

  • Survey-readiness may be lacking

The Solution: Unique and Specific Anesthesia Action Plan

Premier Anesthesia addresses leadership issues by putting processes and qualified and dedicated individuals in place to ensure success.

  • Custom Solutions: Our management team develops a custom business plan and budget that addresses Premier's accountability and responsibility for meeting our client hospital's service, outcome and cost expectations. We then review our performance with designated hospital leadership on a monthly basis. We also supply technology that gives providers more insight and the tools they need to make decisions.

  • Anesthesia Medical Directors: We believe that an effective on-site Anesthesia Medical Director (AMD) is critical to any hospital-based anesthesia group's long-term success. These highly qualified individuals report to their hospital's leadership and are supported by Premier. The AMDs at our practices are ultimately responsible for the clinical, operational and financial performance of their anesthesia provider team.

  • Regional Practice Governance: Each AMD reports to an experienced Regional Anesthesia Medical Director (RAMD). The RAMD is a practicing anesthesiologist who serves as an ongoing resource and mentor for the on-site AMD. Additionally, each regional team also has a Regional Vice President of Operations, who works in partnership with the RAMD and each AMD to provide business management expertise for their designated practices. The Regional Vice President of Operations regularly interfaces with their assigned hospitals.

  • Chief Medical Officer: Our CMO oversees all corporate related clinical matters, supports regional and onsite medical directors, and ensures clinical excellence within Premier Anesthesia.  The Chief Medical Officer helps establish best clinical practices, metrics, and monitoring to ensure all healthcare regulations and safety standards are met.  The Chief Medical Officer strives to maintain communication and instill a positive work culture between the providers and administration. 

  • Corporate Support: Premier's Corporate Support Team includes dedicated resources to assist the Regional and Local teams with the management of their practices, including provider recruiting, billing & collections, risk management, technology support, human resources, accounting, credentialing, analytics, etc.

For a free initial consultation or more information, reach out to Premier Anesthesia or call 855-220-3662.

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