Are you prepared to respond to additional anesthesia costs?

More hospitals are struggling with the rising costs of anesthesia services and the subsidies required to fund the service.

Does your anesthesia provider group have solutions in place to remediate cost challenges or will the additional costs be passed through to the hospital?

Here's three ways your anesthesia group can help to thwart unnecessary inflation and additional costs.

Avoid Over-Staffing

One of the most common unnecessary costs that we find is over staffing. One of the ways we have built cost-effective staffing models is by placing providers where their skills are most useful and needed, based on acuity. Staffing trends are ever-evolving, so they must be monitored and changed on a regular basis.

Build an Annual Anesthesia Business Plan

Create alignment with your anesthesia provider group by collaborating to draft an Anesthesia Business Plan that clearly defines how the anesthesia service will compliment the hospital's current goals. Make s