Streamlined Scheduling & Staffing

Premier Anesthesia uses best practices and innovations in technology to ensure facilities have the right personnel in place at the right time to achieve efficient OR throughput and positive outcomes.

Staffing is not one-size-fits-all. Premier's strategies are tailored to facilities and even specific OR needs:

  • Core Anesthesia Staff: ORs are under more pressure than ever to reduce costs. Having a strong core anesthesia staff is crucial, but static staffing won't work from a cost standpoint. Building an anesthesia team that surgeons can rely on is essential. This team needs to know surgeons' specialty, procedures, personal preferences and the pattern of work. With this knowledge, the core team contributes - along with OR staff - to the improvement of quality, throughput, and efficiency.

  • PRN Float Pools: Many facilities use a PRN plan for staffing "as the situation demands." Premier invests in building PRN float pools in each of its regions. The need for locums is significantly reduced when PRN staff members cover vacations or aide in the expansion of new service lines. The cost to the hospital is reduced and the team experiences greater consistency.

  • Right ACT Model: Premier's Right ACT Model is a method of constant OR evaluation. Factors such as volume, case acuity, and growth make each facility unique, and they can change over time. The Anesthesia Care Team model must be examined regularly to ensure it best suits the current and future needs of the hospital with staffing that's just right for the patient population and surgeons' needs.

  • Evidence-Based Staffing: Premier Anesthesia's signature Evidence-Based Staffing analyzes actual OR needs to pinpoint the exact number of staff needed to meet identified demands. Costs are kept realistic, without compromising accessibility and availability of ORs. Premier does it through an Evidence-Based Analysis, which examines all available data related to OR performance. Goals are set to focus on improving not only the all-important turnaround times, but also cancellation rates, staffing requirements, throughput, efficiency, quality, safety, and block utilization. The proprietary EBS technology enables Premier Anesthesia to take all the gathered data and make decisions based on facts, to create the ultimate experience for the OR. The decisions are turned into a goal plan that is specific, time-bound and measurable. But the plan is not rigid. Unpredictable variables may arise, as they often do in ORs, and they must be taken into consideration. This built-in flexibility makes the goal plan more realistic. It provides a common focus for all stakeholders, and a rallying point to ensure objectives are being met.

Through these methods, Premier Anesthesia has saved facilities millions of dollars by objectively identifying the most efficient staffing methods. As the OR needs ebb a