Three things your hospital should do to ease an anesthesia transition

Changing anesthesia providers impacts your hospital in a big way. If you’re ready to make a change, or if you’re in the process of making an anesthesia change, here are some things your hospital can do before, during and after the transition period to make the process easier for everyone.

Ask each group about their past transitions

During the selection process, make sure to ask the vendors about their typical transition time. Ask about a situation where they had to adapt during a transition and what their shortest transition window has been and why. Properly vetting a provider group's success rate for transitioning a contract is essential prior to committing to a change in services.

Have clear expectations

It’s important that the new group is clear and up front about the time and resource commitment they will need. Make sure all sides understand how resources need to be lined up concerning IT, equipment, and medical staff. Think of any road blocks and make sure the new group can plan around or work out a solution before. Having clear expectations and an overall understanding can eliminate most resistance you might face.