The Premier Difference

It is our mission to establish Premier Anesthesia as a recognized industry leader and  gold standard by which other anesthesia companies are measured. 

Premier has a proven, seventeen-year track record building and managing exceptional hospital-based anesthesia practices. Our growth history has been a measured one, obtained organically, one contract at a time.

We are a privately-owned company that made the decision years ago that we would grow carefully, by remaining within our capacity, to successfully execute each transition. 

We have a hospital-centric service mentality All management and provider decisions for our anesthesia practices are based upon what’s best for our hospitals, its patients, and stakeholders. 

We are your strategic partner and a catalyst for positive change. The Premier Practice becomes aligned with the mission, goals and objectives of our host hospitals.  We achieve this goal through active collaboration with hospital leadership and stakeholders to establish formal business planning and management processes.  

We deliver the right customer service experience. Stakeholders of the host hospital (patients, administration, surgeons, perioperative staff members, etc.) all have unique service needs and expectations.  Premier will seek to first listen and then to understand each stakeholders’ needs. 

We are clinically, operationally, and financially transparent. Premier believes in building a true partnership based upon trust.  To accomplish this, we are totally transparent when it comes to reporting all clinical, operational, and financial aspects of our practice.  

We provide evidence-based anesthesia management. We employ the use of quantitative and analytical management tools, processes, and reporting scorecards to enhance the quality of care, improve provider productivity, and manage your anesthesia costs.​

We focus on lowering your anesthesia costs. We work to achieve operational efficiencies to improve perioperative throughput by helping to reduce day of surgery cancellations, improve on-time first case starts, reduce room turnover times, and improve room utilization rates. These efforts will help to lower or maintain the hospital’s total anesthesia costs.


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