Turnkey Anesthesia Management

With Turnkey Anesthesia Practice Management, Premier Anesthesia develops an anesthesia service that is responsive to your hospital.  As a full, strategic partner, Premier aligns all aspects of the anesthesia service with the needs and priorities of the hospital.

Local Practices, National Resources 

Premier’s Turnkey Anesthesia Management Solution gives hospitals the opportunity to outsource the management of their entire anesthesia service delivery. Our national resources give hospitals and local groups the support they need to deliver quality anesthesia services to their communities. 

Custom Anesthesia Solutions 

Every hospital has unique needs for anesthesia services. A custom anesthesia solution that can grow and scale with your surgical and procedural volume ensures that your anesthesia needs are always being met. 

Building the Practice

​Premier builds high quality, cost-effective anesthesia care teams that meet your unique needs. 


We develop a staffing model that leverages the providers where their skills are best suited based on procedure and patient acuity. Patient safety, efficiency, cost and viability are the factors we take into consideration when recommending staffing solutions.

Giving Hospitals Control 

It's your hospital, your OR, your anesthesia department and your money at work. As a partner we want to make sure you have the power to make decisions that are best for your hospital. Through financial transparency and reporting we give our hospitals the option to take ownership in this area and safely reduce the cost of anesthesia expenses. ​We work with you to match the deployment of providers with actual needs as they change over time. 

Elements of Turnkey Anesthesia Management

Anesthesia Medical Director

The anesthesia medical director serves as a partner to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), OR management, and other members of your hospital administration. The physician in this role is supported by Premier Anesthesia's operations and administrative team. This person leads the practice and is fully on-site at your hospital. An effective medical director is essential to any anesthesia practice's long-term success. We work with you to make sure we find the right person, whether that is an existing anesthesiologist in the practice or someone we hire together.

Practice Tools and Technology

We implement innovative technology with real-time data to extend physician oversight and help providers make the best decisions for patients. We use state-of-the-art technology with Advanced Clinical Guidelines to monitor key performance data and provide safe care.

Operations Support

Our regional vice presidents work in collaboration with your medical director to provide operational management and support the anesthesia service. The regional vice presidents are responsible for annual business planning processes, as well as coordinating any corporate support needs for the providers. They also meet monthly with hospital leadership to review the clinical, operational, and financial performance of the anesthesia service.


Our recruiting team manages the recruiting needs of our practices across the country. The team has a sophisticated, multifaceted approach to recruiting. Our team has built an extensive provider network and exercises constant communication to potential providers. Nothing is more important than having the right clinicians in place. We have built and extensive national provider base, and our in-house recruiters have built relationships with CRNAs an Anesthesiologists across the country. Additionally, we can work closely with Jackson Healthcare sister companies. We strive to retain the existing providers who are qualified and meet the hospital’s needs and requirements.


We have our own anesthesia billing and collections company. Our financial processes are designed to improve billing workflow, account for all anesthesia service’s revenue, benchmark against financial projections, reduce AR, and avoid compliance risks.

Additional Corporate Support

Premier Anesthesia's practices are supported by a number of corporate departments at our office in Alpharetta, Ga. including human resources, credentialing assistance, risk management, public relations and communications, medical affairs and practice accounting.

Clinical Leadership (CMO)

Our chief medical officer (CMO) leads the anesthesia medical directors and oversees the performance of physicians and anesthesia providers. The CMO is responsible for making sure your anesthesia medical director has access to all of the information, training and support they need to be successful. The CMO also works with medical directors to establish and review best practices, metrics and monitoring.


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