Turnkey Anesthesia Management

With Turnkey Anesthesia Practice Management, Premier Anesthesia develops an anesthesia service that is responsive to your hospital.  As a full, strategic partner, Premier aligns all aspects of the anesthesia service with the needs and priorities of the hospital.

Local Practices, National Resources 

Premier’s Turnkey Anesthesia Management Solution gives hospitals the opportunity to outsource the management of their entire anesthesia service delivery. Our national resources give hospitals and local groups the support they need to deliver quality anesthesia services to their communities. 

Custom Anesthesia Solutions 

Every hospital has unique needs for anesthesia services. A custom anesthesia solution that can grow and scale with your surgical and procedural volume ensures that your anesthesia needs are always being met. 

Building the Practice

​Premier builds high quality, cost-effective anesthesia care teams that meet your unique needs. 


We develop a staffing model that leverages the providers where their skills are best suited based on procedure and patient acuity. Patient safety, efficiency, cost and viability are the factors we take into consideration when recommending staffing solutions.

Giving Hospitals Control 

It's your hospital, your OR, your anesthesia department and your money at work. As a partner we want to make sure you have the power to make decisions that are best for your hospital. Through financial transparency and reporting we give our hospitals the option to take ownership in this area and safely reduce the cost of anesthesia expenses. ​We work with you to match the deployment of providers with actual needs as they change over time. 


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