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Problems we solve: Premier has conducted over 200 evaluations of hospital anesthesia departments and has found that there are five areas that consistently need improvement:

Cost, Leadership, Service, Quality & Alignment.

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Not all hospitals require the same solution.

While many hospitals face the same challenges, they don't all require the same solution. That's why Premier has created a continuum of solutions that are customized to fit your needs. Premier's solutions are designed to help your hospital create an excellent patient experience, produce quality outcomes and reduce anesthesia cost.

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Premier has been able to deliver on everything they promised.

Sean McKibben, President & COO, Mount Carmel West

Another Smooth Transition: change is inevitable and transitions can be positive.


Premier understands who the customer is and take great care to serve them.

Mark Bever, Executive Vice President and Administrator, Washington Regional Medical Center


Our partnership ensures providing exceptional, high- quality patient care.

Dr. John Broderick, Chief Medical Officer, Adirondack Medical Center